February 16, 2024

In Case You Missed It: A Note From One of Our Favorite Truckers

Muthers pilot car service is trying to bring some personality to an oversize escort industry that doesn't usually show much. If you're interested keep checking our site to follow our new blog. One thing you'll learn about us is we put our clients first and foremost. No job is done unless they are happy with it and we have a first-hand account of that in action!

One company we work with often is Summers Trucking. We started with them years ago and haven't looked back since! Just a short while ago we had a move which started at the George Washington Bridge and ended in Long Island. These are pretty common moves and are usually pretty low-key for the most part.

This particular move was just the same. Everything went well and there were no major issues, but the next day we saw a message from one of the truckers. When we opened it we realized it wasn't our typical quote or permit question, but it was a few kind words about the "pleasant experience" he had during the move.

We just wanted to spotlight some of the remarks in the message because it shows the Muther's way - putting our clients first!

Communication is Key!

"He kept communication with me through the day and even went to give me a courtesy call on Tuesday to see if I needed anything on his way to meet me at the bridge."

This is something we encourage with all of our great pilot car drivers. Do not hesitate to reach out if you are questioning anything.

We Don't Leave Until the Job is Done!

"But what really got me the most was I asked him to stick around for 5 minutes on a side street (people were hanging out down the street) until I get my securement chains off. For security reasons. He didn't hesitate for a minute and replied "No problem." And even offered to help."

Muther's will not desert you! Our pilot car drivers will cater to your every need.

Over time we will continue to share stories in the pilot car service world and the oversize escort world. Muthers Pilot Car Service services New York City, New Jersey, and surrounding areas. Call us today for your oversize escort permits and pilot car service needs. If you liked what you saw here check out our blog here. 

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