October 25, 2021

An Out Of This World Oversize Load

In the oversized permit world, every once in a while you get a move that just makes you say, “wow!” Well, we had that feeling recently when we spoke with some of the Summers truckers about a move they did recently. They sent us over an article that you can read ,here.

Oversize Load Going to Space

Summers, which is one of our favorite clients, had the pleasure of hauling a part of space history just last week. On the 20th of October, they actually hauled part of the aging Hubble Telescope. This piece will be used in the new telescope which will be named the Webb telescope. The Webb telescope will eventually replace the famous Hubble telescope.

The pictures are incredible, not only because of the size, but also the uniqueness of the load itself. This is much different than our typical oversize load jobs which are typically things you’d find in a construction yard, not in space!

A 10 Billion Dollar Oversize Load

The load is estimated to be valued at about 10 billion, yes that’s billions with a b. Sometimes oversized loads can be very expensive, but this is at the top of the list. When dealing with this type of oversize load, it is certain to be an exciting day for the oversize permits industry.

When asked about the exciting space-related move, Summers Trucking Vice-President John Summers said, “We feel proud of what we did. We feel wonderfully blessed to be involved in this and now we are going to sit back and relax.” I can only imagine the great feeling that must be. Permits and pilot cars are very important on a daily basis, but when a load like this is moved, it just feels like our industry really makes the world go in a lot of ways.

The Webb Telescope’s Lift Off

The Webb Telescope will be ready to launch in about two months, so it is likely there will be even more moves to come in the short term. If you are wondering, when does the Webb Telescope launch into space, the telescope is due to take off on the 18th of December.

,The Muther’s blog aims to not only showcase the great stuff that we do but also aim to showcase the great things happening in the oversize permit and pilot car industry. Be sure to check back every once in a while to see some of the great things that are happening! So here’s to Summers Trucking for making history with this oversize load!

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