August 22, 2022

Check Out Our New Video! Muthers Made the News!

Yes it’s true, we made the news, but don’t you worry it was for a good reason! We got the opportunity to move an F-14 Navy Fighter Jet to the esteemed Cradle of Aviation Museum on Long Island. The museum is home to many great aviation artifacts and exhibits. The F-14 Navy Fighter Jet will first be restored and then prepared for display. Ultimately, it will be shown in the museum with the rest of their amazing aviation collection. 

A Little Bit About the F-14 Fighter Jet

According to the Cradle of Aviation Museum, “The F-14’s first flight was on December 21, 1970, at Calverton, New York. The first Tomcats deployed with Navy training squadron VF-124 on October 8, 1972, at NAS Miramar, California.”

This was our first superload and it took place without any issues. Also, we have to say, it was a very cool and rewarding experience. It’s certainly not every day that you will see one of those on the road. There is no job too big or too small! 

The stunning jet, which was made by Grumman, is over 22 ft wide, so according to law, this was classified as a super load. So that’s where Muthers comes in. The reason we were able to take on this tough task was due to our in-house licensed professional engineer. We were happy that we got to play a role in the move. Not every pilot car service has the ability to take something like this on, but we are different -  Muthers’ is truly your one-stop shop for all of your heavy hauling needs. 

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