May 1, 2023

Easy Guide to Getting NYC Oversize Permits

Moving big things in New York City can be tricky. To make it easier, you need a special permit to move things that are bigger than usual. This blog post about NYC Oversize Permits will help you understand how to get this permit so you can move your big things without any problems.

What Are NYC Oversize Permits?

An oversize permit is needed when you want to move something that is too big or heavy for normal rules. In New York City, you need a permit if your thing is more than 8 feet 6 inches wide, 13 feet 6 inches tall, or weighs 80,000 pounds. The New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) gives these permits to make sure the roads are safe and not damaged. You can learn more about oversize permits on the NYCDOT website.

Types of Oversize Permits: One-Time vs. Yearly

a. One-Time Permit: This permit is for one trip and has to be used within five days. It's good for people who don't need to move big things often.

b. Yearly Permit: This permit is for a whole year and lets you move big things many times. It's great for people who need to move big things a lot.

How to Get an Oversize Permit?

To get an oversize permit in NYC, you can do these steps or call Muthers Inc. to handle it for you:

a. Figure out how big and heavy your thing is.

b. Look at the NYCDOT's rules for moving big and heavy things.

c. Fill out the right forms with information about your thing, where you're going, and your vehicle. You can find the application forms here.

d. Send the forms, fees, and any other papers to the NYCDOT. e. Wait for them to say yes. This takes 2-3 days for one-time permits and up to 10 days for yearly permits.

If you'd rather have someone else handle the process for you, consider contacting Muthers Inc., a professional company that can manage the oversize permit process on your behalf.

Costs and Problems: Don't Make Mistakes

The price for oversize permits in NYC is different depending on what kind you need and how big or heavy your thing is. Prices can be from $25 for a one-time permit to over $1,000 for a yearly permit. Make sure you get the right permit, or you might have to pay a fine or have your thing taken away.

How to Move Big Things in NYC: Tips to Do It Right

a. Plan your path carefully. Think about the size of roads and bridges and any construction or events.

b. Get any extra permits you need, like a police escort if the NYCDOT says so.

c. Make sure your vehicle and thing have big signs and lights to show they are oversized.

d. Always have a copy of your permit with you when moving your thing.

Getting an NYC oversize permit can be hard, but if you plan well and pay attention, it can be easier. If you have additional questions you can also take a look at our previous blog here. By knowing the different kinds of permits, how to apply, and what to do when moving, you can make sure everything goes smoothly in New York City. And remember, if you need help with the process, Muthers Inc. is a reliable option to manage the oversize permit process for you. With their assistance, you can focus on other important aspects of your move while they take care of the necessary permits, ensuring a hassle-free experience in the city of New York.

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