November 22, 2021

Muther's Day Out

While the Muther's crew works hard day-in and day-out, every once in a while we deserve to have some fun too!

Island of Trucks

One way we do that is by checking out the local car, truck, and pilot car shows around the area. A few weeks back we woke up early and took our families to the event - "Island of Trucks!" It was located in Island Dragway, NJ and if you want to check out more about the event you can head to their website at Smoke and Speed. We've also included a few pictures at the bottom of this post and if you like what you see, please go show them some love.

North Atlantic Truck Racing Series

This event is part of the North Atlantic Truck Racing Series. They host a lot of major events throughout the year, so be sure to pay attention if you're interested in this type of event. In the future, we will try to post about events we are going to earlier in the hope that you all can all meet us out there.

We were excited for this one because it isn't just your typical car or truck show where everyone just looks at the trucks and walks around. This event had a lot going on such as drag racing, a truck show, and even a kid's power wheels race. The latter was a ton of fun to watch and the kids loved it! Next year we might have to enter them in!

The Drag Racing was super cool. Just feeling and hearing the power produced by some of those beasts was wild to see. Sometimes I wish we could drive that fast on our pilot car escorts! I'm not sure the oversized loads would appreciate that, but boy would it be fun!

Permits and Pilot Cars

We've been enjoying going to truck shows for some time now because it gives us a chance to talk and mingle with a lot of like-minded individuals. It also gives us a way to network within the permit and pilot car industries. If you or anyone you know is in need of NYC permits, NJ oversized permits, or PA permits please don't hesitate to reach out.

If you ever see us at a show please come by and we will usually have some T-shirts or some water to give out. Our orange color helps us to stand out a bit, so look for the orange shirts and come say hi and chop it up.

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