November 10, 2022



Oversize permits in New York are only valid for five business days. Permits have specific several-hour periods that they are good for. It may vary from day to night depending on the route and specifics of the move. Specifics would include dimensions or business issues.


30 mins before sunrise up until 30 mins after sunset. It is only Monday through Friday, and into Saturday, until Noon. This includes Ny Thruways and interstates. Overweight loads up to 96,000 pounds may travel every day. Movements are not allowed on official holidays.


If you’re over 14’ wide and 14’ high and 90’ long, no travel through business districts 7:00 am - 9:00 am and 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm. Basically, you are avoiding rush hour times. And again, there is no major travel on holidays. New York City can be more restricted than New York State, you even need separate permits. You also need separate permits for Thruways as well.


Permits for Oversize Vehicles. Cars/Trucks not exceeding the size and weight restrictions (13’ 6’’ in height, 8’ in width, and 55’ in length) are permitted to travel on most New York City roadways providing that they are following the Truck Routes. For anything over that, you will need oversize permits.



  • 80′ - 99′ 11″ – Only one escort is needed
  • 100′ and over – Only two escorts are needed, three on two-lane highways
  • 160′ and over – 3 escorts are needed

Super Loads

Any vehicle or freight which is:

  • over 16′  wide
  • 16′ or greater in height
  • Over 160′ in length
  • 200,000 pounds or greater in gross weight is treated as a super load. 
  • At least two weeks will be required for approval.

New York Oversize Permits

This post is for informational purposes only! We can only guarantee its accuracy at the time of posting. Things may change! You can find out more information here. Additionally, you can find even more information on our very own blog. If you still have any questions about New York Oversize Permits don't hesitate to reach out. If you need permits to be arranged please contact us through our online form or by giving us a call.

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