April 21, 2022

One-Stop-Shop for Oversize Permits and Pilot Cars

Oversize Hauling Permits

Muther’s Inc will be your single source for all things oversize permit and survey-related. Our highly dedicated staff will be consistently in communication with you throughout the entire process. We take pride in our communication and you will never feel like you are out of the loop. Whether it’s New York Oversize permits, New Jersey Oversize Permits, Pennsylvania Oversize permits, or any other state nearby, we have you covered. We also have more, but just be sure to ask if you're unsure.

Oversize Hauling Permits are required to move vehicles and/or loads on New York State highways if the vehicle and/or loads exceed the legal dimensions or weights specified in Section 385 of the New York State Law. The Department of Transportation issues different types of Oversize Hauling Permits. New York oversize permits can be comlicated, but no need to worry, Muthers will be there to sort it all out for you and get you what you need! Just give us a call!

Escort Pilot Car Services

If you need assistance, that's where we, Muthers Inc., come in. Not only do we offer one-stop-shop permits, but we are also a full-fledged pilot car service. Escort pilot car services are sometimes not reliable, but you won't look any further as soon as you use Muthers! Not all roads are created equal and not all have the same levels of traffic, so for safety reasons and logistical reasons we assist businesses with their special hauling needs. Our industry keeps people on the road safe, and that's what it is all about.

Not all escort ,pilot car services are made equal. Some will leave you stranded on the side of the road or not respond when you need them to, but that will never happen with us!

Our business is all about giving you the best guidance. Simply let us know where and when you need to go, and we will get you where you’re going. Our main offices are based out of New Jersey, but we service the Tri-State area and a whole lot more. In addition, to any oversize permits in the Tri-State area, we will also service Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Upstate New York. We also have permits for many more places, so if you're unsure just ask!

Unil next time, but before you go make sure you check out our other ,,blogs here!

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