September 19, 2022

What is a Route Survey?

If you are in the heavy hauling industry, chances are, you are familiar with route surveys. If you’re not let’s go over it - route surveys are very important to keep the streets safe for all drivers and the public. Doing a route survey is a complex task that requires keen know-how and attention to detail. To plan a route survey, the engineer will start by looking at the overpasses and bridge clearances. We have to make sure that any heavy haul loads being over-height can safely clear anything on the routes. The engineer also has to check on the height of power lines and other overhead obstacles. Over-dimensional loads may have trouble removing obstacles such as power lines hanging down too low, which have to be raised temporarily by the utility company. That’s an example of specific issues that may arise. 

During a Route Survey The Pilot Car / Escort Vehicle driver's purpose is to:

  • Make road travel safer for the oversize load driver and all drivers the on the road
  • Prevent damage to the roads
  • Ensure the safety of the loads being hauled
  • Keep the normal flow of traffic, as much as possible
  • Preventing accidents

When you arrange your heavy haul trucking via Muthers, we take the planning out of your hands. We apply our many years of experience to your heavy haul needs. We can handle any and all of your over-dimensional loads. We will make sure your load is within the regulations and that all permit requirements are taken care of. As we have moved numerous heavy haul loads through the Northeast United States in our company's history. You can rely on Muthers to transport your heavy haul loads safely and reliably.

Consider Muthers Pilot Car Service your primary single source solution for heavy load transportation. We are always ready to help you with your oversized loads. 

Call +(718) 351-0295 to go over and plan your needs for pilot car service and/or heavy haul trucking transportation. Also, one last thing, be sure to come back and check out our future updates here!

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